About us

About us

We are an association of students who have decided to improve the world we are living in. It all started as a class activity in the Entrepreneurial Culture course in the village of Alcalá del Valle (Cádiz) and with economics teacher Enrique Díaz (@econococo) as mentor. 

The collective was founded with the ambitious objective of involving young people in solving the big problems that the municipality was facing: coexistence, drugs, emigration or lack of leisure facilities.

The main obstacle we encountered was our own resignation to the situation, we considered ourselves unable to do anything to improve the situation, as if it were up to others to find the solution. Hence the name that was decided for the Association, Colectivo Crece-T (Spanish for 'Grow!'). We felt that we had to grow to face the challenge and overcome the obstacles that were sure to appear, and above all to convince the minors that we did that another way of understanding and relating was possible.

A little history

The project evolved and increasingly attracted more youth and students participating in different projects reaching 120 members. Projects like Tree Day, recycling workshops, collection and reuse of plastic bottles, children's workshops, human library, etc.

Many of those students moved on, they began their university studies in different formative cycles and that, like everything in this life, had its good side and its bad side. The bad? That the leadership of the association had to be renewed almost every year. The good side? That the most ambitious and innovative projects we were developing gained momentum and solidity thanks to the maturity and training of those students who started all this.


In this course, the association faces stimulating challenges:

  • Establishment of a new headquarters or delegation of the Crece-T Collective. We continue in Alcalá del Valle (Cádiz), but now we also have a presence in the province of Malaga, in the heart of Axarquía, in the municipality of Periana, where we have been given a plot for the installation of a plant nursery.
  •  Launch of two of the Association's two flagship projects, The Great Green Wall of Andalusia and The Social Shop, which will generate the first jobs within the Crece-T Collective.
  • A new Tree Day, this time in Periana, in the IES (Secondary School) Alta Axarquía where we aspire to plant 1,200 trees.

Our Mission

  • Connect what was learned in class with reality, equipping students and young people in general with the skills and abilities necessary to develop professionally in what makes them happy.
  •  Stimulate creativity and entrepreneurial character in young people by promoting social entrepreneurship and involving young people in modeling and improving the environment in which they live.
  • Extending education outside educational centers by developing the role of teacher-mentor, not only as a transmitter of content, but also of life experience.