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¿Qué es Nights for Future?

In an event regularly organized by the Crece-T Collective Association in the municipality of La Viñuela (Málaga), which tries to be a meeting point for people and other associations concerned and sensitized with the deterioration of our planet and our immediate surroundings. It aims to become the place to share information, publicize different projects, create networks of mutual support, promote actions of various kinds and, ultimately, get down to work in protecting the environment, all ensuring fun in an environment natural surrounded by thousand year old olive trees.

¿En qué consiste Nights for Future?

It consists of an event in which various activities are developed, in turn at the forum or at the colloquium, with camping as the central axis. Activities consisting of recycling workshops, permaculture, organic farming, planting campaigns for The Great Green Wall of Andalusia , etc. Activity planning varies from event to event and is always open for suggestions. If you want to know more about the planning of the next event or if there is something you want to teach or transmit, do not hesitate to send a WhatsApp or an email.



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Book your seat for the next edition of Nights for Future that will take place on days 28, 29 y 30 de agosto de 2019.

The event takes place in the municipality of La Viñuela, the exact location will be provided to you via WhatsApp in the group we have for updated information. No spam or outlandish conversations, only relevant information.

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